Grade Point Average (SGPA Calculation) :

Semester Grade point Average (SGPA) :  It is the summation of product of Credit Points and Grade Points divided by the summation of Credits of all Courses.

for a semester –


Where, G is grade and C is credit for Course.

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) for the Entire Course :


for all semesters taken together.

  • The total credits cover the core, elective, field work or extension activities, soft skills etc.
  • GPA is calculated at the end of each term after grades have been processed and after any grade have been updated or changed.
  • Same criteria are to be followed for Individual assignment / Quizzes / Test / Unit Test / Tutorials / Practical / Projects/ Seminar.
  • The teacher should convert his/ her marking in to the quality points and letter grade.