Fee Structure:

Revised Fee Structure for Ph.D. (Science) Degree Course as per University of Mumbai Circular No. UG/386 of 2009 dated 6th October 2009

Tuition Fees* 4000
Examination Fees 600
Mark Sheet Fees 50
Admission Processing Fees200
Laboratory Fees** 12000
Library Fees*** 1000
Gymkhana Fees200
Vice-chancellor's Fund 20
Magazine Fees100
ID Card 50
Group Insurance Fees40
Students Welfare Fund 50
University Cultural and Sports Fees30
Development Fees500
Utility Fees 250
Extra-curricular Activity Fees 250
Computer and Internet500
Disaster Relief Fund 10
Form and Prospectus Fees100
Sub-total A 20,020
Caution money 150
Library Fees 250
Laboratory deposit 400
Sub-total B 800
Registration fees (At the time of admission) 1000
Registration form fees 25
Convocation fess250

*Salary for core faculty, invited faculty, salary of non-teaching staff dedicated to aided courses.
**Laboratory fees has been revised in the view of the sophisticated instruments needed for the course, their annual maintenance, including replacement, consumables, etc. (recurring expenditure)
***Reference books and journals